How do I close my Wholesale2B account?


Last Update 2 jaar geleden

Uh-oh! Sadness alert!🙁

Could we be of any help? 🤗

Though we do understand that there are some factors that may deter you from staying with us, we would hate to you see you go! Could you please let us know why are you willing to close your account with us?

Facing a technical issue?

Please click here to create a support ticket with us.

Unable to make sales? 

- Did you know that when you activated a plan with us, you were instantly given access to our Dropship Like A Pro masterclass? This course covers a wide range of topics, from teaching you how to select the best niche to sell in and building a successful dropshipping business from scratch. You can access it from your W2B account right away:

If you still decide to close your account, then please click here to create a support ticket to proceed with the same. We will miss you!